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WELCOME TO LinkUp Academy


LinkUp Academy is more than just another summer camp.  Our mission is to provide quality, loving, fun care for your children utilizing different forms of performing arts.  LinkUp Academy will carry through from summer camp to evening performing arts programs during after school hours.  Experiences gained through our performing arts program will carry through to their schooling and life’s journey.

LinkUp Academy’s performing arts program aims to give our future artists of all ages a more rounded view of the world.  LinkUp Academy will focus on encouraging emotional and social growth while instilling a love for the Arts which is held dearly by it’s owner and founder, Yvette Link


Yvette Link, Owner/Founder

Yvette LinkYvette is a longtime resident of  the Brookhaven/Buckhead community for over ten (10) years.  Yvette is a registered nurse who has aided many expecting families as well as work intimately with families during their time of need, all right here in her community of Brookhaven/Buckhead, in a career she truly enjoys to this day.  Yvette has spent her adult career focused on health issues for infants, women and those with disabilities.  As a child, Yvette was scouted by an acting coach at the age of seven (7) when she was in a school play.  She began to take lessons and became active in the arts community.  Some of Yvette’s experience in the performing arts arena consisted of commercials, television programs, photo shoots and even beauty contests.  Yvette’s primary school and college studies focused on the Arts.  Yvette;s experience as a performer, mother and nurse makes her the ideal person to steer LinkUp Academy.  After the birth of her first child, Yvette discovered she had a passion for working with children.  Shortly after this memorable experience Yvette went back to school and attended Temple University whe she obtained her nursing degree.  From there she led a full career in the nursing field.  With her sense of family and community involvement, Yvette seeks to encourage the community to become more involved in the Arts through interaction and support.  At a time when the Performing Arts is viewed as a minority subject in school and is one of the first budget cuts, Yvette believes that the Arts Curriculum is a very important core subject as it teaches discipline, commitment, instills self-confidence and improves people skills, all which will serve well in their life journey and studies for many years to come.  Henceforth, Yvette created LinkUp Academy Center for Performing Arts.  A safe place for children to be engaged mentally and physically in the world of Performance Arts both at Summer Camp and as an After School activities throughout the year.